Melvins – “Bride Screamed Murder, The” – [Ipecac Recordings]

olmec   3/9/2011   A Library, CD

Fast drumlines, chanting, and bells transmute the Melvins’ trademark sludge into something less viscous. Within is speed and dirge, and sudden changes of tempo and instrumentation. Military call-and-response of The Water Glass (1) tempers the eight other tracks of constructed and varied metal. This is compelling and driving music, powering ahead with the godlike and demonic cowbell of Evil New War God (2). The badassery continues: (4) and (5) are low and fast. It ends with P.G. x 3 (9), acapella then anthemic guitar, and brainwashed spoken word. The Bride Screamed Murder [Ipecac Recordings, 2010] is unusual, and it’s better for it.


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