Gog – “Heavy Fierce Brightness: Spells of The Sun” – [Utech Records]

Apollo   2/14/2011   A Library, CD

48 minutes of amplifier worship from Arizona’s GOG. Three long tracks of dense, noisy drone doom. Gog is Michael Bjella on guitar (…and noise). Bjella is joined by his Black Hell bandmate Josh Bodnar on drums. Track 1 has a few minutes of dark ambient sounds before harsher sounds take over. Track 2 (the only song with drums) ventures into the metal territory of Earth and Boris. Track 3 is relentless, screaming, crushing doom in the vein of Black Boned Angel.

1. “Spells of Shadows” (8:19)
2. “The Opening” (18:47)
3. “Heavy Fierce Brightness” (21:02)


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