[Collection] “From the Earth to the Spheres” (Genre: Alternative)

Marlena Poliatevska   2/3/2009   A Library

Split CD Album title: “From the Earth to the Spheres”

Artist #1: Christian Marclay & Okkyung Lee
Genre: Alternative
titled: “Rubbings” (20:36):
Turntable riffs accompanied with jittery violin & cello scritches with occasional chords.
“plucky/farty” pieces; fast-paced electronic chirp riffs, with piano and voicing.
(imagine spastic termites in an eating frenzy)

Artist #2: My Cat is an Alien
Genre: Alternative
Titled: “Beyond the limits of the stars/Beyond the limits of the grooves” (19:53):
Plucked string instrument like samisen or violin with only one string. melodic, slow, dreamy. At 5min, added electronic sounds, moving up and down in pitch, with additional strings, bells, boops & drones.

At 2/3’s of the track, a building complexity of electro-mechanical collage with concert piece in the far background as if a fading shortwave radio broadcast, morphing into a sort of drone piece with a two-tone whistle sound.

Bonus track by “My cat is an alien”
Genre: Alternative
(untitled) “lockgroove” (36:06)
(a continuation of track #2)


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