Grouper / Inca Ore – 12″ Split

cadilliac margarita   1/28/2009   A Library

First released on cassette in 2007,
this split between Portland???s Grouper,
Oakland???s Inca Ore (aka Ava Salens of
Jackie O Motherfucker) , is full of
foggy ambiance. The Grouper side
( four tracks), apparently written as a response to
the search for a neighbor???s cat, is incredi bly
distant sounding musically, and even more
so vocally. She calls out into the night after
the gray cat she is seeking. It made me feel
cold, but calm. Could be played as an entire
side, because it is cohesive. Inca Ore brings us
native ameican sounding chants through a hollowed
out tube. Seven fairly short tracks in all, with muffled
vocals, and mellow overtones.


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