Naysayer   6/9/2018   A Library, CD

Noam Chomsky is, of course, the seasoned voice of far left intellectual political thought and social observation. This lecture, given shortly after G.W. Bush won his second term, tracks the continuous actions the U.S. plays in its role as world imperialist dominator. Chomsky tracks the elaborate plans the USA government creates and implements, from post WW II up through the time of the lecture. The manipulation of world law by the U.S. is astounding and not surprising. It helps to understand where we are today. This just didn’t happen. Everyone is complicit. It is always fascinating to me to listen to Chomsky: not just to his ideas but to his tone, his meter, his style. It is so soothing, rational and calm. He talks about the most heinous atrocities and manipulations of rule for power and the devastating effects on millions of people, yet he does so with such ease. No histrionics. It’s almost frightening. Though the CD is tracked it can be played as one long piece. Enjoy.


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