WZT Hearts – Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones (Carpark)

outlier   10/25/2007   A Library

I would say that this rocks as hard as the dicks that made Baltimore the STD capital of the world.?? But this is really two steps beyond rock, atleast.?? An outside tripatropic treatise traipsing along with a deep and dangerous drift.?? This is their second release and yes they’re from Baltimore, friends of Lexie Mountain Boys too.?? Mike Haleta plays circuit bent guitar/laptop/tapes, Jeff Donaldson??plays a Commodore 64/bi-tone guitar, Jason Ulrick on laptop and Shaun Flynn on drums and fucked up??vocals.?? Haleta toured in Voltage Spooks, a trio featuring??Keith??Rowe of AMM??

3W: AMMazing YOUNG MEN??and their fucked up machines


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