Romus, Rent/ Rankin-parker, Teddy / Pearce, Daniel – “Live At Vamp Vintage” – [Edgetone Records]

Louie Caliente   4/10/2016   CD, Jazz

Free jazz trio recorded live at Vamp Vintage in Oakland.

The album takes its name from the sea god of Irish mythology, and also from the leukocyte-immunogobulin-like receptor, a protean which regulates the immune system and inflammatory response. All tracks have names taken from cellular biology.

This is improvised jazz inspired at times by part by post-rock and drone. It’s very cohesive and listenable, not too “out-there”.

All three musicians are very accomplished and short biographies are provided in the liner notes. Rent Romus is on alto and soprano sax, as well as flute. He is influenced by jazz greats such as Albert Ayler and Sun Ra, and non-jazz greats like Derek Bailey and Merzbow. These influences are apparent in his solos, which alternate between long melodic riffs and repetitive otherworldly honking. Oakland resident Teddy Rankin-Parker is a renowned cellist who has played with Iron and Wine and Primus. On this album, he switches between rhythmic plucking and slow, dissonant drones. Daniel Pearce plays drums, skittery and rumbly, but not often explosive.


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