Botched Facelift – “Black Window” – [Pennsylvanian Hypno-Center]

Louie Caliente   4/9/2016   A Library, CD

Punishing spazzy power electronics from bay area resident Dario Puga. Low rumbles, ear-stabbing screeches, painful blasts of static, and distorted vocal retching.

The title track has something that actually sounds like a beat. It might even be considered techno if not for the disturbed processed vocal wailings that accompany it. Start here if you can’t stomach the free-form noise explosions that fill the other tracks.

Disk 2 is an hour-long live recording from KZSU. Starts deceptively mellow with discordant warbly synths, but regresses back to piercing noise before long. Interesting saxophone work around the 18 minute mark.


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