Criambique – “Float” – [Self Produced]

Kai Sync   3/23/2016   12-inch, A Library



Criambique is a Seattle based band with the intriguing collaboration of Vi the singer/songwriter who is also a head witch and professional glossologist, Alexis (songwriter, rhythm magician) and Wonky (songwriter and Chief Technical Officer.) As the cover and singer information implied female witchcraft I assumed the songs and singings would remind of the haunting style of?? Siouxie Sioux. But this is rather modern beat-based electro pop music with very pretty and trained layered/harmonized vocals; the vocals are maybe even too pretty for a witch image. The melodies resemble Muse-style classical music lieds. You could hear Kate Bush influences with the arrangements without the husky voice, of course. Some of the drum patterns have wicked variations. The arrangements tend to move towards classical influences – they are reliable rather than unexpected. The best tracks are the experimental remixes of which the vinyl only had two of the five provided with the digital release. Also, thanks to the modern remixes and the later tracks the more serious feeling of the album is loosened up at the end.


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