Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues – “N.V.” – [Prosthetic Records]

abacus   2/1/2016   A Library, CD


cataclysmic collaboration between English extremists Dragged into Sunlight and Dutch defiler Mories de Jong. murderous sampling of serial killers and rapists set the mood throughout this unrelenting torment of black/grind clouded by De Jong’s visceral poison. the album tracks, allowing you to suffer thru the entire 32 minutes if you can stomach it. Negative Volume, as the album initials represent, is an homage to the unrivalled volume of 90s extreme music predecessors’ live performances: the wall-smashing, soul-crushing volume that we can only strive for. so turn it to 11 and blast your listeners to the hell they belong in.


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