Noggin, Eric Boros, Crank Sturgeon & Id M Theft Able [coll] – [Manufracture]

mouthbreather   9/9/2015   A Library, CD

tk 1. skitter scamper, violin groan, guitar tinker
tk 2. loop liquid, vocal blitz, electronic buzz, mic drop
tk 3. short chattering, strings hit with hammers, bell like quality
tk 4. FCC in beginning, static shrieks, unintelligible voice farts, angrily trying to open your car door with abortion coathanger after locking keys in car, finally break in, smoke meth, scan the radio, stay up for two weeks and drive to canada, go into fast food joint all fucked up and order a burger somehow, tear burger asunder in view of innocents, psychosis, squirrel oral, rabid fuzz mouth, talk to your analyst, what, why
tk 5. distortion squeak, symphonic warm up, feedback and out


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