Mirage – “Blood For The Return” – [Olde English Spelling Bee]

Naysayer   7/1/2015   12-inch, A Library

Weirdo (in a good way) label Olde English Spelling Bee have released “Blood For the Return” by Mirage. And what a release. Or, and What? A release? I have listened to this many times and am just now beginning to get a grasp of it. Sort of. It has so much going on which I usually like but this one was, at first, and then second and then third, a big Huh? I need references, touchstones. I hear Beach Boys Pet Sounds on old acid and crystal meth. I hear Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear. I hear Van Dyke Parks and 70’s prog monster groups. I hear symphonic productions and early Residents. Some other review mentioned ELO? I am so down with ELO, so yeah.
What the hell is going on? People who hate long reviews, stop here. If you like the story, continue. Mirage is Robin Nydal (Bob Dylan… okay) a 19 year old from Los Angeles working from a garage/basement/bedroom from his possibly privileged parent’s home. Maybe. Or not. Actually, Nydal has released a number of things before under different names often listing himself as a 19 year old. There is even a story of a previous group of his opening for Roger Daltry!?!?!? There is more but you’ll need to do the research.
The music is a one man band, using one mic and lots of production values. LOTS OF PRODUCTION. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming which I am now loving. Rhythms start up and then are distorted. Great little pop riffs on piano get stuck in your head and then it turns into a swarm of mosquitoes. Is that his real voice? It must be distorted. Things get stuck like a locked groove and sounds flood in. It’s 1970’s and early 1980’s revisionism with a dull scalpel used to pull apart the “good parts.” Twangy guitar fades away into strings. Indecipherable lyrics become clear and confusing like those of some knock off small town high school dudes trying to be Genesis in 1974. Are you confused? Welcome to the world of Mirage. This is more IN YOUR FACE than most of the noise/metal onslaught groups who try to shock. Try it in one sitting. Take your Ativan. I’m getting my prescription refilled so I can listen again.


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