Hella – “There’s No 666 In Outer Space ” – [Ipecac]

Max Level   2/4/2007   A Library, CD

Nobody honestly thought Hella was going unplugged for good, did they? I mean, yeah, the previous CD by this guitar/drums duo was nothing but acoustic versions of a
few over-the-top electric Hella faves, but that seems to have been nothing but misdirection by Zach and Spencer, diverting our attention while they played mad scientist and developed Hella Mark II, now a fully plugged-in quintet with a singer, bassist, and another guitarist adding to the careening ball of razor blades that is Hella music. New singer Aaron holds his own admirably, not an easy task fronting this bunch. The sick instrumental skills continue, rushing rapids of notes and sounds, scattering every which way at the same time; we can either try to grasp patterns in the torrents and make some kind of sense of it, or we can just marvel at the raw, beautiful, organized chaos. I’m for that second one.


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