Luc Ferrari ???Unheimlich Sch??n???- 1971

rasbabo   1/22/2015   A Library

Luc Ferrari
???Unheimlich Sch??n???- 1971
Unheimlich, german for : uncanny,
scary, eerie, incredible???.
Sch??n, german for : beautiful, nice,
15:40 track of musique concrete.
A simple statement, spoken barely above a
whisper, repeated many times with space
intentionally left in between. You hear the
breathing of the speaker, and she seems to
move about the room saying the same thing
but in an eerie uncanny way. The voice rises
and falls, takes on a bit of echo, and the
layers begin to build upon themselves. The
breathing strengthens and fades out. The
voice echoes and returns and fades away.
The interplay between the two is like a
crank phone call from beyond the grave. I
expected a skeleton hand to reach through
the speaker and gently wipe my hair away
from my face.

Ras Babo


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