Introverted Formula Deceptive Eyes [coll] – [Jartecknet]

billiejoe   1/21/2015   12-inch, A Library

Two disc compilation. One artist per side.
Altar of Flies — We have two solo albums from this artists. Manipulated sounds from field recordings including (or can be interpreted as): background dialog, rumbling engine, pilot light going on and off, insects, garbled quacking, riffling, faucet, dripping, splashing, creaking, strings, synth. Second part is quieter and ambient percussion without rhythm then guitar sneaks in. Blodvite — Swedish word meaning “bloodshed”. Sounds like field recordings. Creaking, whistling, distant screams and groans, very unsettling. Second half is calmer. Droney synth, scratching sounds, and looped distorted dialog. Sewer Election and Anders Dahl — humming drippy zingy crunchy slidey ambient. Elisha Morningstar clangy horns, static synth, door creaking, air, sound channels going on and off.
Billie Joe Tolliver


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