Huber, Ryan – “Harken” – [Inam Records]

Rat King   9/10/2014   A Library, CD


Ryan Huber is a producer of noise and the man behind Inam Records. His aliases include Sujo and Olekranon. AlthoughxHarkenx(an archaic word for “listen”) lacks the metallic taste of some of his other releases under various names, it is still on the darker side of electronic ambient/drone/noise. This is not to say that it does not sound bright at times, but even these moments have a harshness to them.

Determining whetherxHarkenxis noise or drone or ambient or something else entirely is beyond the scope of this review (if it is possible at all), butI will say that it has elements of all of these genres. “Spectrum 7” is drone with hiccups, “Weade” is almost dance-y until it discorporates into noise at the end, “Pahlavia” is ambient, and “Blind Coup” is harsher noise-type stuff, but not that harsh. The title track is the most complex, moving through a building rumble like a thunderstorm into crackling electric glow into drones into ascension and descent.


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