Shitfucker – “Suck Cocks In Hell” – [Hells Headbangers Records]

Rat King   11/26/2014   A Library, CD


Shitfucker are Daemonbitch (B-assfucker, SSatanic SSemitic SSemen SSummons (bass, vox)), Zyklon-T (Guitarrrgghh!, Necrotic Erotica and Sex Organ (guitar), known in most of his other work as Shagrat), and Styx Chizzler (Deranged Drum Damager, Serial Cymbal Abuser (drums), more commonly called “Motor City” Chaz). They describe themselves as “MANIAC BLACK METAL-PUNK FROM THE MOTOR CITY” (capitalization theirs). These guys areifun. Lyrics cover all forms of depravity, from devil worship to deviant sex to serial killers to telling off your neighbours/landlady/family/friends when they complain that you’re rocking too hard. The original cover design was banned in Germany (and probably France) for what they call a shiswastifa (you’ll know it when you see it). They recommend listening toiSuck Cocks In Helliwhile you perform an auto-erotic asphyxiation/disembowelment suicide. Their fans are called the Shit SS. It’s that kind of show.

Kind of like a cross between Motorhead and Abigail with some Sabbat and Venom mixed in. The fidelity is pretty low on this, which only adds to its diseased, effluvial charm. It has plenty of the heavy metal guitar work you would expect, with no noodly solos. Vocals are largely growly, although there is also plenty of shrieking and some cleaner singing (“Sex Dungeon” even has some high-pitched “oo-ooh” back-up). Drums are fairly simple, with blast-beats being a common feature. The bass is good, but not featured as heavily as guitar (although it does get some attention on “Go To Hell”). My personal favorite has to be “Acid Bath” because I’m a bit of a Dahmer fan, but “Go To Hell” and “I Am Of The Devil” are also contenders. “Satantisanity” is an instrumental, and “Yinastinatas” is the same instrumental in reverse. They’re both kinda pretty.


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