Paxta-Core: Underground Uzbekistan [coll] – [Tian an Mien]

Thurston Hunger   12/7/2006   12-inch, A Library

Rock solid dynamite blast sounds from the Uzbeki underground. Passion
pushes this music around the world even if it has to go against the
rotation of the planet… Man the gypsy rambler energy of Skisserz’
“Poprygunya Strekoza” is worth the admission price alone. So powerful
it almost overwhelms the recording equipment, which starts to have a
static seizure a couple of times…electronic heart attack. Brogen
Bogen delivers hardcore choruses versus ska-flecked verses. Slezny
Solntsa (“Tears of the Sun”) have a sort of Siouxie style, even when
they cut a couple of commercial corners it is still a good ride. Suchiy
Potrokh have that sort of stretchy slavic vocal style over a sort of
dirty glam glaze with some rapid fire ranting too. “Capitulation” is
the welcome oddball included here, ping-pong electronics and a drum
machine’s snippy snare perculate beneath dry-as-a-dead-bed-pan vocals.
Red-Aktsiya have one folky strumble number, “Victory” (don’t know it
could be a take on some agit-prop pop, could be sincere, my Russian
is lucky to spot a Babushka here and cectra rhymed with bcegda there).
The other three Red-Aktsiya (a play on redaction, editing, censoring?)
are more lofi garage chunkers. Hardcore Opa grinds fine. Raw, rough
and real throughout… Cyrillic thrills!

-Thurston Hunger


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