Globe Unity ’75 – “… Und Jetzt Die Sportschau #For Evan Parker#” – [Trost]

Thurston Hunger   6/14/2014   7-inch, Jazz

Apparently the title translates as “…and now the
sports shoe” and (in Ed Sullivan mode) it’s a
really big shoe! Better bring a shoehorn if you
want to fit all of these players into a 7″ (there
are three count ’em three trombone players.)
Recorded in 1975 by the amazing Conny Plank, and
apparently recently recovered from Peter Kowald’s
FMP archives (Kowald plays tuba on this). Each
side is a different take on a bluesy romp, with
some ragin’ cajun accordion from both Rudiger Karl
and Alexander von Schlippenbach. The A-side
felt more buoyant and Hans Reichel delivers an
avant blues garde guitar solo (on the flip its
more of a sputter avant solo). Some t-bone work
on A side I dug, and firebrand Peter Brotzmann
ignites more on the B side. The B side has a nice
horn intro angular and you might expect the art
house, but they still make it to the roadhouse.
KFJC is lucky to have a fair amount of other
Globe Unity releases, and FMP too, many of
the names here are worth tracking down their own
arcs elsewhere. But not often will you find
said folks revving up the popular toe-tapping
R&B engine like they do on this sweet 7″

-Thurston Hunger


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