Skankin’ Pickle – “Sing Along With” – [Asian Man Records]

Roland Blunt   8/5/2014   A Library, CD


Skankin’ Pickle was a south bay area ska/punk sextet that existed from 1989-1996. Sing Along Withis their third studio release (1994 Dill Records), and first since the departure of founding bassist/vocalist Mike Mattingly (Neosoreskin, Tingly). His absence from the lineup pealed off a layer funk from their skafunkrastapunk roots, while leaving in tact the deft musicianship, irreverent ebullience, and DIY attitude that made them the type of band that you were excited to turn people on to.

New bassist Ian Miller (Hoodlum Empire) dives into the fray without missing a skank, and guest trumpeter Neal Okin (The Rudiments) blows some serious smoke into a few choice tracks…adding smack to a nonpareil bungle of ska/rock steady/punk/hardcore/metal/vaudeville. The tangiest bites include Tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15…showcasing tightly wound rhythms sweeping seamlessly across genres, a blaring horn section that is second to none, and some tragically underrated guitar work from the late Lynette Knackstedt.


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