Ammoncontact “With Voices” [Ninja Tune Records]

Mr. Lucky   9/6/2006   CD, Hip Hop

“With Voices” dances on the lines that converge between the genres of hiphop, jazz, world, and electronic music. Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon make music that penetrates the listener with emotion, combining the necessary elements to stimulate the mind and body accordingly. We hear percussion & programming, synths & strings, singing & rapping, all woven together to create something organic yet simultaneously electronic. The list of collaborators is impressive: Prince Po, Yusef Lateef, Cut Chemist, Mia Doi Todd, Lil Sci, and Sach among others. Each guest brings an element to add to the recipe that Ammoncontact created, usually done subtly enough that you might not notice. But Nino and Ammon have the pots on and are cooking some goods for your musical palatte. There’s something here for everyone tastes. -Mr. Lucky


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