Dealbreaker – “Pissed” – [Cricket Cemetery]

Thurston Hunger   3/5/2014   7-inch, A Library

While I enjoy insightful punk like the Ex, where ire meets
intelligence, sometimes you just want to hear the anger
in hoarse voice over pissed off drums and some ear-ringing
guitar. Behold Arlington VAs Dealbreaker, a two-piece
hyperventilator squeezing six songs into seven inches.
Jeremy Evans on guitar (and bass for this 7″, the band
has since expanded) rides his guitar line like a whiplash
bronco and his chomp-chomp-chomp work on “Ready to Kill”
and “Fools, Fakes And You” are just primal rock. Drummer
Ian Thompson matches the flamebroiled guitar and then some.
Man theses drums always get me. Just killer! Ian not only
resides in the Cricket Cemetery on this release but polishes
up its tombstone titles and turntable totems. The first two
songs wrap up frantic rants with “I’ll end this now, I don’t
care” and on #2 “I don’t fucking care.” Message loud and
clear and loud. Later on “Send in the Flood” Evans opines
“Too many people, too much filth, I pray for an extinction
event.” Got to appluad them for etching someting in the
runout groove, where we read “Love, Jeremy and Ian.” They
also play weddings. -Thurston Hunger


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