Thomas Carnacki / Vulcanus 68 [coll] – [Alethiometer]

abacus   3/2/2014   12-inch, A Library


Brand new split release between mysterious supernatural detective Thomas Carnacki and his creature counterparts and otherearthling bottom-feeders Vulcanus 68. The Things side features a side-long of crustacean rustling among cathedral sands and alien land forms creaking under the spacial mass of antimatter vacuum. Stone carved dronescapes out of static crackle and extraterrestrial excursions into the internal serenity of subconscious entropy. The Vulcanus side is a short and longer track of time-stretched interdimensional wormhole voyages. Cosmic crumbling horror soundtrack of insiious insectine empire building on a forbidden ether of solipsistic solar slippage and subdural sonar harmonies. Mostly sparse sounds that creep into your outer mind and induce inner body experiences. Triiiippppppp


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