Pocket Orchestra – “Knebnagauge ” – [Self Produced]

Studebaker Hawk   1/16/2005   A Library, CD

We got this CDR from Craig Bork (we have had “Imon Bilde” on cart for eons, he saw it listed on a KFJC playlist and sent all of what he had.) Knebnagauge was the previous name for Pocket Orchestra (and is pronounced Neeb-Nah-Gawgh) This was recorded in a mobile studio, school bus converted, backed up to a garage in San Bruno. It was recorded sometime before 1980. Tim Parr passed away around 1985, Tim Lyons died a few years ago.
Very fluid, cartoony, Zappa-esq, art-jazz-rock with lots of fun tricks going on. All instrumental *review by Studebaker Hawk


Mark says

Their two amazing cassettes were recently reissued (Pocket Orchestra & the Knebnagauje cassette), remixed and remastered, by MIO Records.


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