Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet – “Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet” – [Epigraph]

Cousin Mary   2/19/2014   12-inch, Jazz

The quartet provides a base of electric jazz that brings Miles Davis and others to mind – that base is funk, psych, and definitely groovy. Guest Kris Tiner (trumpet, also of Empty Cage Quartet) and Phillip Greenlief (sax) put waves of improv free jazz on top of that base. AND IT WORKS!!! What a pleasure to hear this mostly accessible, unique sound. Cannot wait to hear more from this Bakersfield label.

Michael Henderson was a bassist at one time with Stevie Wonder who played with Miles Davis. Miles reportedly saw him play and told Stevie “I’m taking your bass player.”

PGM: On digital download sites, each side is called a track. That implies that it is okay to play one track or both on a side.


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