Lotus Fucker – “Forever My Fighting Spirit” – [SPHC]

honeybear   11/17/2013   12-inch, A Library


“WE WILL NEVER BE DEFINED BY OTHERS. NOISE FOREVER.” More truer words could not be spoken for these Maryland head throbbers. Blistering-dentist drill guitars washes over Thudding bass and drums. Screams from the unholiest pit you can muster from your bowels; garnish this lovely lovely lovely album. I get the aggressive feel of British hardcore/anarcho bands like Discharge, Doom, and a nice little bit of “Hatred Surge” Napalm Death on this LP. Side one is the rapid fire of songs. Nothing but scratchy, heavy anarcho-punk-noise. Side two is one long track. It starts with this pleasant piano based ballet song in what appears to be some sort of foreign language. Then crashed into heavy drum driven distorted as fuck punk. I love this album. There I said it. HAPPY!?


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