Korzynski, Andrzej – “Tajemnica Enigmy (Secret Enigma – 1968-1981)” – [Finders Keepers Records]

Naysayer   10/23/2013   CD, Soundtrack

I live for this type of sound compilation. Soundtracks. 1960’s to early 1980’s. Eastern European. Obscure. Lost and now found. Yep. What I live for. So Korzynski is a Polish film, television, documentary composer of high reputation in his homeland but almost forgotten, until numerous “lost” tapes were found somewhere in the Polish film archives. Finders Keepers Records has brilliantly put together a superb selection of some of the outrageous yet oh so familiar sounds. Think Ennio M, Francis Lai, John Barry, Serge G., Nino Rota, all the greats. He is of that group. There are horns, wicked wah wah guitar, harmonica, thumping bass, sultry female vocals humming and singing “La La La.”, harsichord, wicked synth and organs. It rocks, it gets funky, it’s psychedelic, it’s Polish lounge music, it’s 60’s go go music. I want to lick it I love it so much. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!


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