Opski Chan – “Super Duty Tough Work” – [Isolated Wax]

abacus   10/15/2013   CD, Hip Hop


Debut full-length (2011) from San Jose native Opski Chan, a disciple of classic hip-hop purity. Old school, stripped down beat-heavy production with smooth spooky samplage that verges on haunting its so dark, cinematic at times. Fresh, rapid-fire lyricism ranges from the typical ego tripping to more contemplative and introspective, with the intellect increasing as the album progresses. Creative wordplay from all (rhyming Elmo with elbows, money makin and cuttin bacon) that incorporates plenty of off-rhyming and alliteration, keeping our ears perked throughout. Production by Barry Bones with cameos by Cutso, Antwon, D-Styles and Tape Mastah Steph, all local legends of sorts. Load up your backpack with walkman and paint cans and hit the streets, this is your B-Boy soundtrack.


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