ReDeMeR – “Recombinant Chaoscillation” – [Teen River]

abacus   10/2/2013   A Library, Cassette

These Chicago wasteoid sweeties spew out 13 short tracks of junk metal vomit punk for seesaw sauntering and juice-box spiking. Cookie monster Connie-oH! and his chorus of playtime chubby buddies twist and jiggle in unashamed chain-gang bang-waves. Thee Agitator bumps and bumbles along holding the group together in ramshackle stop-start rabble while Manic Lost Kaos and The Ghost Amoeba chunks and barrels through the bass lines. There’s definitely FCC on Piece O Shit, but elsewhere who knows, maybe 6, 7 and 12 all fuck about but you really can’t tell with the over-methed sloppy floppy vocal flailings. Tweakers on too much Robitussin? It’s goofy and giddy for sure. Or road hogs stuck in infantile potty phase, Definitely grimy and gory. I say all of the above.


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