Ambarchi/O’Rourke/Haino – “Tima Formosa” – [Black Truffle]

Max Level   8/20/2013   A Library, CD


Name an underground musician doing something of interest and one of these guys has worked with him/her. Maybe two of them have. Possibly all three of them. That’s how much these three get around. This is I believe the third release by this all-star trio, containing two long tracks and one short one, all recorded live in Japan in 2009. Oren Ambarchi makes guitar and amp textures/drones, Jim O’Rourke is on piano, and Keiji Haino does voice, flute, drum machine and vocals. It’s spacy and deep, and the final track (31 mins) has all the loud/soft dynamics you could wish for. Worth exploring.


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