Ink On Paper – “Ink On Paper” – [High Mayhem]

surferrosa   8/7/2013   A Library, CD


Two dudes on drums, bass and electronics bringing us some meandering improv jams… Sounds like two amateurs getting high in a basement, pressing record and kicking out the jams.. the levels are off and the skills are budding.. much like what you probably do with your loser friends in the garage or the attic.. or wherever. The bassist here could use a bit more practice, but he keeps things driving, and the enthusiasm from both these dudes in unwaning. The electronics certainly keep things interesting, sometimes serving as a rhythmic element, sometimes noisy and other times as subtle bleepy bloopiness. These guys experiment with rhythm, timing changes, dynamic and the improvised conversation between two men with three mouths. Something is being bowed on #2 (and 5). Track #3 has got some weird- is the cd skipping- style start/stop. #5 gets pretty stoney spacey. gobbledygook -Surfer Rosa


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