Brobdingnagian – “Pretty Magoo Cancer” – [Universal Tongue]

surferrosa   8/7/2013   A Library, CD


The word Brobdingnagian by definition describes anything colossal in size. Brobdingnagian here is colossal indeed..this release is from 2010, out on Universal Tongue – a Portuguese DIY label specializing in all that is slightly unpleasant and out there. What we have here is some sort of black-metal, power electronic hybrid.. certainly with some psych and plenty of noise to tickle your sadistic side. Sheer chaos spontaneously combusting into face melting riffage..the whole thing drenched in mind-shredding heaviness.. stoner-like plods mixed with mosh pit sensibilities.. add some nonsensical vomit sounds for vocals, some uber distortion, harsh electronics and you get an utterly satisfying mess! Recording quality and level of static at times emulates that super sloppy lo-fi black metal shittiness you find with some Norwegian cassette tape covered in font you can’t read anddrawings of impaled babies..but it is much more than that.. This cradles the noise junkies, metal heads, punkers and stoney jammers too. Brobdingnagian or massive in every sense of the word… -Surfer Rosa


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