Kid 606 – “Songs About Fucking Steve Albini” – [Important Records]

incognito   7/21/2013   A Library, CD

Completely unexpected album from Kid 606, especially with a name like “Songs About Fucking Steve Albini.” Nothing even remotely resembling the Kid 606 who made “Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You” – not a single break, dancehall lick, ragga sample, or laser sound. If I had not seen the name on the cover and played this, I would have never guessed who made it. Completely deconstructed electronic ambient: long, complex, and very calming tracks with some drone and noise here and there. You can kind of hear tiny little bits of the Kid 606 of the early 2000s, but only hints. Unexpectedly grown up and serious, it’s really quite a lovely album, created from analog source material – radio, synths, microphone, processed on a computer and mixed to two track analog tape. This is something I’ll listen to over and over again. I would love to see the reaction of someone who’s first introduction to Kid 606 is this album, and go back to something like “Who Still Kill Sound,” because the difference is simply extreme.


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