Skullflower / Utarm [coll] – [Turgid Animal]

Naysayer   7/10/2013   A Library, CD

Bow down to the power that is Skullflower, which actually means continued praise for Matthew Bower, who has been, is, and will always be Skullflower. This incarnation has Samantha Davis on board, who has been playing along for awhile. Skullflower has been around forever acting as one of the forefathers of noise/industrial noise and KFJC has a ton of his/their recordings. Like I said, this is noise, powerful, yet overwhelmingly beautiful noise that can not help but be classified as symphonic. Multiple listenings help the listener hear the layers of sounds being propelled through the speaker and into the ear canal. Youch. It’s a lot to take in. But well worth it. When you hear the sounds of guitars haranguing away it hints at Glenn Branca which made me smile. Which may not be the reaction Bower wants what with the titles and spooky cover, but I find it all quite soothing, oddly.

Utarm is a Norwegian noise and black noise metalish project. This is the first release. Sinde Foss Skanche, who may be the only member of Utarm, did the cover art which explains a lot, sort of. Utarm is noise, but somewhat different from Skullflower. It starts out sort of quiet and then kicks into the painful growls and howls with a cacaphony of electronic and organic sound filtering all around. It’s angry and painful but I am not sure why, which maybe doesn’t matter. Just go with it. Some surprising layers of sound which are interesting to listen to. Enjoyable release.


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