Loachfillet – “Tatminsizlik Ve Olum” – [Chocolate Monk]

surferrosa   7/2/2013   A Library, CD


Glitchy, gunky electro noise recorded at the Crypt in Oakland from 2007-09. Buzzing and squelching mental sounds, fully varied in their sonic nature and stylings.. this is tasteful noise- dipping into the realm of sonic manipulation, audio contortion.. never entirely assaulting- often minimal, though I wouldn’t call it gentle. Frequencies to make your vertibre vibrate- tones all across the board, negative space to add to the tastefulness. Keep an ear out for the beat. Broken lounge loops on 3, stringy drones on 7… Orchestral schizophrenia on 8.. most tracks are short but the last is a twelve minute feast of bubbling, skipping, menacing, tribal ear medicine. Truly a prickly pleasure. -Surfer Rosa
FCC on #4


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