O Paradis – “La Corte Del Rey Pescador” – [Tourette]

Thurston Hunger   6/24/2013   A Library, CD

Tourrette 2008/9 twin CDs separated at birth, see also Escama Serrada’s
“La Reina esta Mala.” This is the more song-oriented of the two,
Demian delivers his lyrics in suave style, reminding me at times
of Bryan Ferry, or the devil in a cocktail cabaret. Sergio from
Escama Serrada lends a hand and a sampler to the fray. That hand
may contain a knife, as the images and titles suggest something is
rotten in the fish kingdom. This short release may be a sort of
soundtrack without a film, dramatic sequences…a piano gets
scared, an accordian begging for a tango, a march of snares, a
lonely trumpet on the parapet, screams of passion or crime or both.
Mi espanol no me permite entendierlo. “El Trono de la Razon” was
my favorite track, with the aforementioned scream, and programmed
drums trying to stomp a fly. The romantic closer “Mi Dios” with
its sea castle keyboards was short and sweet.
-Thurston Hunger


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