Mochipet – “Uzumaki ” – [Component Records]

aarbor   4/5/2006   A Library, CD

Mochipet’s music has been described “as potent as licking a page of micro-dots”. Luscious acoustic samples set in a framework of inverted, complex beats. Soundscapes of frenetic sliced’n’diced breaks that can be both soothing and unsettling (but mostly unsettling). Think Squarepusher and Venetian Snares dueling banjos. This album has elements of moodiness and absurdity. Track 1: Uzumaki sounds like Bartok w/ Japanese vocals. Track 2: Labha isTaiko-like sw/ grandfather clock parts then becomes dark skittery. Track 3: Dosa sounds like vibrating musical farts which evolve into a piano riff w/ skittery beats, banjo + a clangy bell. It includes remixes by Otto Von Schirach (Polka Electronic Death Country- it’s big spooky fun) and Xyn (Dobro) and a rework (by Mochipet) of Codec’s ISM. AArbor


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