Soriah With Ashkelon Sain – “Atlan” – [Projekt Records]

Belladonna   4/17/2013   A Library, CD

Master Tuvan throat singer Soriah along with Ashkelon Sain (Trance To The Sun). This is AMAZING! Very ceremonial/tribal/ritualistic, incorporating shamanism and butoh. Soriah’s haunting vocals are intoned in the ancient Aztec language of Nahuatl combined with Ashkelon Sain’s cinematic, hypnotic, mesmerizing soundscape. This drifts and drones using Central Asian ethnic stringed instruments alongside atmospheric synths and hand percussion creating a very visual image of forgotten lands. If you enjoy Dead Can Dance and the like, you will definitely appreciate this. I only wish Cytoth was here to enjoy this, he would most definitely appreciate the imagery and symbolism.


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