Carrion, Ulises – “Poet’s Tongue, The” – [Alga Marghen]

Thee Opinataur   4/5/2013   12-inch, A Library

Originally issued as a cassette in 1977, reissue on 12 inch vinyl in 2012, limited to 270 copies. Ulises Carrion (b1941-d1989) was a Mexican born conceptual artist who created in multiple mediums. This project The Poet’s Tongue is conceptual poetry sound art. Throughout he shows his passion for structures, sounds, meanings and intense interest in grammatical forms and concepts. In Hamlet for two voices, Carrion and Martha Hawley perform by reading names of characters as they appear in the Shakespearean script, representing the structure of the roles the characters perform. Poema,orally represents structure and spatial characteristics of a poem by listing all its structural elements such as words, paragraphs, verses, etc. Three Spanish Pieces consists of Spanish child speak similar to pig Latin gibberish. The only musical piece on this album is the final 45 Revoluciones Por Minuto which is a groovy track consisting of a female vocalist with Carrion voicing over.


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