Vogel, Cristian – “Beginning To Understand” – [Mille Plateaux]

Roland Blunt   4/21/2013   A Library

Initial full-length solo effort from Chilean-born experimental electronic musician Cristian Vogel. In the early 1980’s, Vogel and his family emigrated to the UK and, by the late 1980’s, he had begun experimenting with his own electronic music compositions as a member (along with Si Begg and Germ) of the Cabbage Head Collective…which produced self-distributed tape cut-ups. By 1992, Vogel had earned a degree in 20th Century Music at the University of Sussex where he began to infuse Detroit, English and German techno arrangements with elements of musique concrete and other avante-garde influences.

Beginning To Understand (circa 1994)flaunts his early proclivity for merging an abstract paradigm into a genre of music that had been known, to some extent, for rhythmic and stylistic conservatism…by adroitly adorning various tempos of standard “four on the floor” trance and house rhythms, as well as “broken beats”, with walloping bass drums…dark atmospherics…intricate analog synth tweaks…washes…flutters…submerged cutoffs…reverse tape transitions…and an overall twisted sense of ability.



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