Shadow Ring, The – “Remains Unchanged” – [Kye]

abacus   2/13/2013   12-inch, A Library

An archival review of the evolution of experimental duo Graham Lambkin and Darren Harris, presenting all unreleased tracks and, save a few alternate takes, all new material. The Shadow Ring existed from 1993-2003 evolving from the bleak, broken guitar jabs amidst disembodied drawling poetry that they executed for their first few years, and gradually adding different electronic elements (from Tim Goss), subtly squelching organ drones and their pitch manipulated, warbling troll vocals, creating entirely new forms without losing any of their haunting, alien vitality. This will definitely crawl under your skin, whether it be through the despairing motifs of post-industrial apocalypse around??Squawk with Me or the mutant voices creeping out of sewer depths on??People.??From the John Peel intro ??this album details the genius that these folks injected into their distinct non-music. Though challenging, this is lost treasure for those that know and love their distorted, demented demeanor.


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