Apocalypse Now [coll] – [Elektra/ Asyum/ Nonesuch Records]

mickeyslim   2/12/2013   12-inch, Soundtrack


We already have the Apocolypse Now! Redux soundstrack CD, but this has almost double the amount of tracks, and all the tracks on the Vinyl are considerably longer too. Another great soundtrack from a glorious movie, and this is the original double LP released for the movie.

There’s a lot of dialouge on the vinyl (watch for FCCs) that seems like a narration or an aside, with the background riddled with helicopter noise, gunfire, yelling, or just stompin’ through the jungle. The background music is subtle, almost electronic sounding with waves of whistles and growls, from loud to quiet, maybe the dialouge softens to a whisper, BEFORE THEY”RE ATTACKED! More gunshots and explosions. Sometimes it becoomes more musical, oboes and violins, drumstick beats, cello. It keeps mostly quiet with an attitude, from ominous to downright scary. Everthing tracks together! Enjoy this new peice of music, with some of the classics already in the library. Just play the dialouge, dammit!

“The bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam you needed wings to stay above it.”


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