Bambi Molesters, The – “a Night In Zagreb” – [Dancing Bear]

Cousin Mary   1/9/2013   A Library, CD, DVD

The Bambi Molesters are a 4-piece band from Croatia. They are often considered one of the best surf bands around. This 2-CD plus DVD set was made at a live show in 2011 and featured four special guests on sax, trumpet, keyboards, and vocals. Mostly laid back and dreamy tunes (with some exceptions such as CD2, tracks 1-4) the guests give a special flavor to some surf classics, romantic Spanish songs like Siboney, and originals. Vocals mostly have rather dark lyrics and might appeal more to the non-surf fans; still the instrumental accompaniment is full of reverb and twang.

PGM: DVD is PAL format and cannot be played on Master Studio DVD player or computer. Has not been reviewed.


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