Orb, the – “Okiedokie Itstheorb on Kompakt ” – [Kompakt]

Krzton Drda   1/6/2006   A Library, CD

Practiced, polished, textured, even crunchy, this shows wrinkles and weathering with grace like aging well without face lifts or memory loss.
Short pieces don’t come up and hit you, but soak in and take you slowly.
This has the feel of a oft used and carefully tended machine with well developed patina and wear marks.
Smooth and well mannered to an extreme, this starts you out with dinner and a movie and sets you up with breakfast afterward.

Track 2: nice “free” vocal
Track 6: odd “rolo” intro
Track 10 Russian intro
Track 12: noisy, ambient
Track 14: loop: orchestra, squish, repeat; end: mecha cruch


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