Allerseelen – “Neuschwabenland” – [Ahnstern Records]

Roland Blunt   1/22/2013   12-inch, A Library

Originally released in 2000, Neuschwabenland is the fifth album from Gerhard Petak (an Austrian sound artist…recording as Allerseelen) and is considered to be a collection of Martial Folk/Military Pop songs: a genre Allerseelen is credited for helping define which blends experimental, neoclassical, post-industrial, marches, electronic dance, and dark ambient elements. This limited edition double vinyl version was re-released in 2008, and includes a remastering of the original tracks (Sides B, C & D)…as well as two previously unreleased tracks (A2 & A3), and updated versions of two others (A1 & A4). Dour, desolate, urgent, mobilized, looped, layered, lushly orchestrated sonorous expeditions inspired by the only chunk of the Third Reich not to be conquered: a section of Antarctica claimed by Nazi Germany in 1939.


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