Buffalo Tooth – “Only Son/Head Trip” 7″

gretaclue   11/28/2012   A Library

San Francisco stoner punks (3 of them). There is a dirty garage, Blue Cheer kind of thing going on here. I’m told they named themselves Buffalo Tooth as a symbol of the power and resistance of Native Americans. I don’t know if the band is of Native American decent or they just thought that made them sound cool. For the record, that shit screams hopeless sf hipster trash to me. That said, this is really good. It stinks of medicinal marijuana so I think KFJC will be all over it. King of bay area garage hipsters (ok, maybe not king, but definitely one of the lords or something), Matthew Melton (Bare Wires) recorded it. I know I sound negative, but I don’t mean to. I didn’t take my meds today. By all means, roll this 45 up and smoke it, don’t cram it


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