Dharma Dogs | Drown 7″

gretaclue   11/7/2012   A Library

Wisconsin 3 piece. I read other reviews that call this “post punk”.. Naw. This is post grunge. These aren’t The Weirdos’ kids. The Ramones aren’t claiming them either. These are Kurt Cobain’s bastards, The Melvins illegitimate children.. Maybe Scratch Acid was involved, better yet, Jesus Lizard. I’m an early 90’s high school dropout.. These sounds are familiar to me. Noisy, moody, droning guitars. Head down, hair in face, empty PBRs by the drum kit when you see them play. I go for side B over A, but both are good if grunge is you what gets you off. Bobby Hussy (of The Hussy) recorded this one.


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