Cousin Mary

Kilaueas, The – “Wiki Waki Woooo” – [All Score Media]

Cousin Mary   8/23/2017   12-inch, A Library

The Kilaueas from Berlin, Germany give their interpretation to modern surf music. All the tracks are composed by the band – the playing has an excellent level of technical and musical quality. The sound on this vinyl recording is very good. Great fun to explore the variety of styles!

Insect Surfers – “Datura Moon” – [Kallaalit Nunaat Music]

Cousin Mary   8/12/2017   A Library, CD

The Insect Surfers from Los Angeles claim to be “Planet Earth’s Longest Running Modern Surf Band” but they continue to re-write the principles of modern surf music. In terms of musicianship, composition, and complexity, Datura Moon keeps them in a class by themselves. Jump around and dance to their great surf sounds or trip out on the psychedelic title track. Recommended!!!

Van Der Aa, Michel – “Above Between Attach” – [Donemus]

Cousin Mary   5/4/2017   A Library, CD

Van Der Aa is a young (born 1970) contemporary Dutch composer. Here works seamlessly combine recordings (I believe from the same musicians) and live music. Resolutely avant garde, but very listenable. I especially like Auburn for guitar and soundtrack, but it is all good.

Red Trio & Butcher, John – “Summer Skyshift” – [Clean Feed]

Cousin Mary   5/4/2017   CD, Jazz

Recorded live in Lisbon in 2015 with the Red Trio (bass, drums, percussion) and their Guest John Butcher on tenor and soprano sax. Free and abstract, all improvised with a fine collaboration that interweaves Butcher’s foundation with the trio’s response. Musically interesting and engaging.

Los Oxidados – “Death Man” – [Self Release?]

Cousin Mary   4/26/2017   A Library, CD

This 4-piece surf band from Mexico performed at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival on the night preceding KFJC’s live broadcast in 2016. True surf sound, well played, choice of tempos from slow to rapid fire, some unusual harmonies for surf. Track 12 is a very nice vocal in Spanish.

Tikiyaki 5-0 – “Introducing The Exotic Sounds of ..” – [Future Primitive Records]

Cousin Mary   4/5/2017   A Library, CD

Los Angeles based Tikiyaki 5-0 is a combo of 4 musicians (bass, guitars, keyboards and drums) from the much larger Tikiyaki Orchestra. This EP features originals plus covers of Arthur Lyman’s “Taboo”, Les Baxter’s “Enchanted Sea” and “Song of Delilah”, and the surf classic “Shockwave”. Extremely good players and fine arrangements give us this wonderful intersection of Tiki and surf.

Ligeti, Gyorgy – “Ligeti Project, The” – [Warner Classics and Jazz]

Cousin Mary   4/4/2017   A Library, CD

Gyorgy Ligeti (pronounced jurj LIH-geh-tee) lived from 1923 to 2006. His early life was in Hungary where his creativity was restricted by first Hitler and then Stalin. In 1956 he fled to Vienna and also spent time in Cologne. In 1972, he was a composer in residence at Stanford University. His music is heard in soundtracks of Stanley Kubrick’s films such as 2001. Considered one of the leading avant garde twentieth century classical composers, his work embraced 12-tone and electronic music, especially music made with conventional instruments made to sound like electronic sources. This 5-CD set is a treasure chest of various styles and includes a book where the composer discusses each piece. Many pieces are very spare, very high frequency notes played by strings give a signature sound not unlike a swarm of cicadas. Other pieces are lush and lyrical. Some vocals are playful, all are very original. Most is not all that accessible, so don’t expect comfortable soundtrack material.

PGM: Very great dynamic range, from almost silent to very loud.

Gillbillies, The – “Est. 2004” – [Self Release]

Cousin Mary   1/25/2017   A Library, CD

The Gillbillies describe themselves as a three-piece instrumental outlaw gothic western surf-a-billy cowpunk band – they break the mold with their long beards, cowboy hats and choice of guitars. Frequent gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area and appearances at the last two KFJC Surf Battles have won them respect as showmen and fine musicians. Twangy, energetic new takes on some classic surf tune covers.

Stories From Shamehill – “Same Same But Different” – [Self Release]

Cousin Mary   1/25/2017   A Library, CD

The title of this 4-track EP from Netherlands 3-piece band Stories from Shamehill probably refers to how it is grounded in traditional surf music but with a modern sound – the same but different. The band’s 2017 January/February tour in California gives them a chance to stop by the KFJC pit. All originals, well played, fun and energetic.

Clash of the Irresistable [coll] – [Drunkabilly]

Cousin Mary   12/7/2016   A Library, CD

This is a split CD. Irish band Spellbound is categorized as punk rock and psychobilly – vocals on those first 6 tracks, good instrumentals. Brazilian surf band The Mullet Monster Mafia – a band KFJC met during the 2016 Surfer Joe live broadcast. If you like your surf music heavy, you are in luck – very intense surf mayhem!

Do Tell – “Hotend” – [Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary]

Cousin Mary   12/1/2016   CD, Jazz

Do Tell is a cornet/tuba/percussion trio from New Mexico. This group of 6 Julius Hemphill compositions sounds rather good with this odd combination of instruments. The tunes are upbeat, happy, and bouncy with some nods to Hemphill’s avant-garde side. Who knew tuba in the right hands could be so graceful and compatible with a cornet?

El Caminos, The – “Complete Sexcite Works” – [Columbia Publishing Ltd.]

Cousin Mary   11/5/2016   A Library, CD

The El Caminos are a surf band from Kobe, Japan. They play many covers of surf classics, but their energy and stage presence are especially endearing. They were a big hit at the 2016 Surfer Joe Summer Festival. Remastered re-release of two El Caminos’ CDs from Sexcite Records 01-14 from Knock ‘Em Out and 15-28 from Surfers Lounge with 2 bonus tracks.

Les Agamemnonz – “De a a Z” – [Green Cookie Records]

Cousin Mary   10/29/2016   A Library, CD

French 4-piece surf band that performs in togas with a nod to their namesake Agamemnon, known in Greek mythology as the commander of the united Greek army in the Trojan War. Excellent playing and composing includes spaghetti western, French pop, reggae, and twang. Of special interest is track 6, a cover of a French Renaissance piece by Lully: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, LWV 43 – Marche Pour La Ceremonie Des Turcs.