Crash Normal – “Your Body Got a Land” – [kill shaman]

MSTiZA   8/28/2012   12-inch, A Library

Crash Normal have always been a duo, though they’ve not had the same line up over the last ten years. French guitar trash, at it’s finest. You like Sic Alps? They Mayyors, Alan Vega? Then lace up your Chanel booties, tie your gaultier scarf into a noose and get ready for some red light romping. There is no bass in this. Originally realeased on the european label, Born Bad. The track list on this Kill Shaman release varies, but is mostly confirmed. Beat it or eat it.

Rockers Vibration [coll] – [Dread at the Controls]

MSTiZA   8/28/2012   12-inch, Reggae

Rockers Vibration is an exclusive compilation from the studios of Michael Campbell aka Mikey Dread (RIP) on his Dread At The Controls label. If you are a fan of reggae music you will recognize nearly every artist and producer. You will hear the tape echo snare of Tubby’s style on the Ovation’s Shy Girl. Rod Taylor’s His Imperial Majesty is found on the full length from Taylor, Ethiopian Kings. Freezing is a classic and the studio session players are all stars on this one. Forever Love features classic Sly and Robbie. Hot Cross Bun is top notch. Sunshine’s Taking the World is a hit. Roll it up and enjoy.

Radioinactive – “Akashic Record, The” – [Flying Carpet Studios]

MSTiZA   7/2/2012   CD, Hip Hop

It’s been a long time since Radioinactive has released new material (Soundtrack to a Book, 2006). The history of Radioinactive begins with Log Cabin Crew in the early 90’s and featuring Murs, Eligh, and Scarab. Later he collaborated with Awol ONE and MC Circus which would turn into the Shapeshifters, releasing The Planet of Shapes (1997), Know Future, and Shapeshifters Was Here (2007). These two collectives, out of LA, were centered around the underground hip hop mecca on the West Coast, the Good Life Cafe . Radioinactive has a distinct West Coast/So Cal style similar to other indie hip hop artists from the era/area. On The Akashic Record, Radioinactive pairs humor and and nostalgia with his a rhythmic, syncopated cadenced rap style. Akashic is a Sanskrit word meaning “aether” or rather “ether” in both its elemental and metaphysical senses. In hinduism, Akasha means the basis and essence of all things. It is the fifth element of life and it’s main characteristic is Shabda (sound). The Egyptian American/LA based artist, takes simple subject matter and merges middle eastern elements to west coast roots.

PGM: Track 3 Insturmental

FCC: 11

Dabke- Sounds of The Syrian Houran [coll] – [Sham Palace]

MSTiZA   6/13/2012   12-inch, International

Syria, a nation in Western Asia bordering Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq,
Jordan, Israell, and the Mediterranean Sea; gained it’s independence
in 1946. Syrian human rights are considered amongst the worst in the
world. Leniecy towards honor codes in relation to discrimitination against women of all ages is the cultural norm. Dabke, an Arab folk dance native to Syria(Levent), is a line dance performed at weddings and joyous occasions. The line dance has a raas or leader who alternates acing the audience and the other dancers. Dabke refers, litterally, to the stamping of the feet. The tradition originates in the Levant culture where stone houses had roofs of wood, straw, and dirt. In order for the roof to compact uniformly it required stomping in a line. This collection features music from the Souther Syria and Western Jordan. With song titles like Love Is Not A Joke, and Your Love Made My Head Hurt, reinforce the seriousness of unions in Surian culture. These tracks feature synthesizers, percussion, call and response, and the mejwiz– a double reed bamboo flute. The mejwiz delivers low bass tones and the piercing, distinct shrill, by use of circular breathing techniques. This recording is from live weddings and parties found on cassette and discs collected in the cities of Draa, Suweida, and Damascus, Syria between 1997-2010. Compiled and edited by Mark Gergis [Porest], he Celebrate. Raise the roof but not with out watching your step, you may fall off.

Death Grips – “Money Store, The” – [Epic]

MSTiZA   6/2/2012   CD, Hip Hop

The Money Store was pre-released[500 copies] for Record Store Day 2012. If you aren’t familiar with Death Grips, they a Sacramento outfit consisting of vocalist Stefan Burnett aka MC Ride and Zach Hill of Hella. This has a grime element with out the speed and D&B drops. Burnett vocals are an anthemic force, his delivery commanding attention. Hill produces tracks that merge dub, noise, and industrial. This album is haunted and enchanting in the way that danger is hypnotizing, paralyzing.

Blockhead – “Interludes After Midnight” – [Ninja Tune]

MSTiZA   5/16/2012   CD, Hip Hop


Interludes After Midnight


Blockhead has returned from his solo hiatus. He returns to Ninja Tune to drop layered instrumentals laced with an ever present disquiet. If a modern day Jack the Ripper were stalking bboys, this would be in his iPod. Or it’s for the nostalgic misanthrope yearning for melody and lamenting the technographic age. Blockhead???s production creates refined atmosphere that takes you somewhere else, at midnight. You will find many references but plenty of originality to make it his own. 4 reminsces of the Nobody/Mia Doi Todd track on the KeepInTime No.2 Coll. All good.



Afro Funk – “Body Music” – [Secret Stash]

MSTiZA   5/2/2012   12-inch, International

Secret Stash[Minneapois, MN] ??has unearthed this guitar, horn, and groove driven soul funk from 1973. Originally released by Kabana Records and recorded in Ghana at Weird Sound Studios. It features William Edozie, Johhny Kpayie, Tyrone Patterson, and Richard Dejohnette. ??Edozie was also featured on Congas and Percussion on the Nigerian release, Someone to Love by Bassey Black. It’s my assumption that his ??skills were lent to the percussion on this release. Tyrone[T.R.] Patterson was credited with Producer on this, but also co/wrote several tracks on this album. You won’t find traditional African vocals. The west’s influence is stamped throughout “Body Music”. There are hints of Shuggie Otis[A3], Stevie [B1], Isaac Hayes/Shaft, and some Carribean rhythms with JBs style horns.

Instrumentals: A2, B2, B3

Teenburger – “Burgertime” – [Droppin’ Science]

MSTiZA   4/29/2012   CD, Hip Hop

Teenburger is Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, and DJ/Producer Jorun Bombay. Timbuktu is a Swedish rapper and runs his own label, Juju Records [www.jujurecords.com]. Ghettosocks is Darren Pyper, member of the Canadian hip hop colective of DJs, MCs, and producers known as the Backburner Collective. DJ Jorun Bombay laid down his chops on the 1&2s in the mid 90s. The essence of this release stems from the era of hip hop directly predating and influencing Bombay’s emergence. The sound can found in the direct reference to the label, Dropping Science. Dropping Science was a Marley Marl and Craig G release in 1988. Ghettosocks and Timbuktu’s style of lyrical cadence and DJ Jorun Bombay’s production style honor Marley Marl & Craig G. To enjoy this release you, must recognize HH history. Marley Marl [haiing from Queens, NY] was known for the sound behind Gangstarr’s Check the Technique[’91], founded of Juice Crew[80’s], produced tracks for Biz Markie, Roxanne Shante, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, King Tee, and Masta Ace, and started started his career as a radio DJ on NY’s WBLS fm’s show Rapp Attack. Peep history’s influence. This release features many guests, including El Da Sensei.

Black Bananas – “Rad Times Express, IV” – [Drag City]

MSTiZA   4/25/2012   A Library, CD

Royal Trux femme fatale, Jennifer Herrema, laced up and jamming a 70’s rock and roll that bleeds TRex tears, thinner than Lizzy, grooves like Foreigner CAN’t, 80s anthem rock mixed with 00’s-oh nos. Is it serious? Well as serious as a hotboxed van with weed stuffed in the tires trying to make a road across the country, picking up hookers along the way.


Lilacs & Champagne – “Lilacs & Champagne” – [Mexican Summer]

MSTiZA   4/24/2012   12-inch, A Library

Oh dreams. Deliver me from the monoconditioner that hums a familiar sound every time i listen to my heart. Oh dear, what is that?..? The star of this project is : CZESLAW NIEMAN and the 1975 album Mourner’s Rhapsody. The first song on the A side, “Lilacs and Champagne” rooted this trio of MADLIB [LOOTPACK] whose production stamp is complimented by Alex Hall[ GRAILS] and Emil Amos [OM]. Note that info on the release is limited. Beside the expansive production on this cross genre expansion of HH, noise, and experimentalism; Madilib is joined with two musicians infamously known for guitar and drums, respectively; in HOLY SONS. Mexican Summer has gifted listeners with a solid start to the next frontier in Hip hop. I’m not religious, but I await the renaissance; the Passion to the Endtroduction.

IWR*: western, werewolf dub; dinge-y vocals, on par with heroined out eastern male vocals. Is it a sample? Would the masses rest their heart strings upon purpose head and reference to death..muslimgauze, , and monks, frogs, organ, beats, the devil march in video/vacuum sample, soulful vox, and high hat sizzles. You may as well be bathing in his sweat. singalong start, dark dub like tracks will surprise you with sampes and shifts, but have no fear. preview on the jump trough tracks. you will not be disappointed by the laid back downtempo. psyche flare, flutter to false transitions. bequeath the quake.



Neila – “Better Late Than Never” – [Avatar]

MSTiZA   4/4/2012   CD, Hip Hop

The album title is so true, for Neila (LA). This southern cali femme fatale has honed her skills for over a decade. She emerged in the mid-late 90’s on underground hip hop tapes. Her style is sing song-y and hypnotic, her material experiential. Her spirit animal could be the Tasmanian Tiger or Giant Walking Stick Insects both not native to our land and on the rise from the verge of extinction*. Her tone is understated, yet tough. Her style unsusual. Better late.. features many guests that KFJC HH heads will find familiar (AWOL, 2MEX, Existereo, & more). If you ever see a Neila tape, get your paws on it and pass it my way.



*NEILA is ALIEN in reverse and is a cancer survivor

Rex The Dog – “Prototype” – [Kompakt Schallplatten]

MSTiZA   3/28/2012   12-inch, A Library

Rex The Dog can be found on Kompakt Total comps and finally making it’s debut in the KFJC library (this is a 2004 Kompakt release) This is a must play of two solid tracks. Take your pick, 33 or 45 rpm. All for your listening pleasure REx the DOg delivers hypnotic beats with just enough bark and byte. Sirens edits, electro, and beats to be handled. Donation courtesy of G’wrench.


Subcontents – “Death Becomes H.E.R.” – [Heratik Productions]

MSTiZA   3/28/2012   12-inch, Hip Hop

This single hit the ground in 2000. A year that hip hop was growing up. Y2k had left a bad taste in the mouths of GenXers and GenYers were running for the hills of humboldt to work out their futures. Well, maybe for many but not everyone. Some stayed in the trenches spitting hard hitting raps with staccato ??cadences. That would account for Sub Contents, the San Jose Duo consisting of Dave Dub and Persevere. This single has two tracks: Death Becomes H.E.R. ??and Moderation Vs. Excess. Those familiar with the movement in HH during these times can empathize with the sentiment -Murder the beat, Hip Hop is dead, and how to strike balance with watching what you love be taken away by the mainstream. Now 12 years later this single still holds ground.

Haack, Bruce – “Electronic Record For Children, The” – [Mississippi Records]

MSTiZA   3/28/2012   12-inch, A Library

Bruce Haack, composer, genius. When he passed away in 1988 the world didn’t quite know it’s loss. Haack was a child prodigy. Playing in his first band the Swing Tomes by age twelve. He studied at the U of Alberta in Edmonton which landed in theater productions, radio station, and playing in a band. Through the Juilliard School of music, Haack came to America to study with composer Vincent Persichetti. Haack eventually dropped out of Juilliard due to the restrictive structure of the school. He kept this rebellious side through out his career. He collaborated with Children’s Music Teacher, Esther Nelson (Miss Nelson) and with Ted “Praxiteles” Pandel starting their own label Dimension 5. Every song on this record (re-released by Mississippi Records) has a unique themes and abstract sound. You will find voices/dialogue, spooky soft structures, organic, vintage, lullabies, cosmic, and astronomical storytelling. It’s a psychedelic experience at the schoolyard.

Pas De Deux – “Cardiocleptomanie” – [Minimal Wave]

MSTiZA   2/1/2012   12-inch, A Library

Paw this Deux.?? Newly remastered and released out on Minimal Wave of this Belgian band (Walter Verdin, Dett Peyskens and Hilde van Roy). The title track, Cardiocleptomanie was originally released out on flexi-disc! They had 25 mins of 80s fame from participating in the 1983 Eurovision Contest with the hookiest track, Rendevous. No. 261 of only 999 copies. tight.

DJ Shin: Shingo2 – “Pearl Harbor / Japonica EP” – [Mary Joy Recordings]

MSTiZA   2/1/2012   12-inch, A Library

Released in 1999, this split EP features several collaborators including Bas-1 (Bas Bombin Sounz), DJ Teru, DJ Bill and DJ Ryota (Circus DJs) Jonathan Patterson and Matt Buckner (Revolg Records), and The Japonica Band. It’s produced by DJ Shin and Vector Omega. It’s late 90’s and filled with extra hot DJ and Emcee filled rolls, finely sliced scratchshimi, delicately placed to sink your boat.


Mi Ami – “Dolphins” – [Thrill Jockey Records]

MSTiZA   11/23/2011   12-inch, A Library

Mi Ami is Damon Palermo (drums and samples) and Daniel Martin-Mc Cormick (vocals and keyboards). “Dophins” was recorded October 2010 and produced by Phil Hanley, founding member of DC trio Trans Am. This release is begging the question: Where have all the flowers gone? The answer is: They have bloomed into dance and burst glitter on the bowing crowd. Mi Ami has left it’s perch, whether it is temporary is to know the unkown. But as the indie scene has morphed into the 99% they do appreciate what the 1% have benefited from and thus become the 75%-ers who yearn for cocaine and alcohol induced haze and disco balls. This is without the strain of it’s predecessors in house, techno, dance. It’s strain is elusive, having been led into the club by the inviting nuance of synth and noisier elements, then shoved against the wall by melodic yet angular vocals. Don’t worry, the trip does rely on the individual, but the collective, by way of lyric insert included.

Sin Dios – “Omerta” – [Self -released]

MSTiZA   11/23/2011   A Library, CD

Sin Dios, which translates to Godless, is not to be mistaken for the anarcho-punk Spanish outfit of the same name. Not a lot of information is available on this far stretch from the aforementioned. It is latin grooves with distorted vocals underlays. There are instrumental tracks and some repetition. Not enough exploration to shift it into a vital sub-genre, however it does lend to a few and can benefit a transition from punk to funk, noise to rap. Give it a try and see where you can take it. Amen.