69 (Six Nine)[A/Ka/ Carl Craig – “Sound on Sound ” – [Planet E Communications]

aarbor   3/29/2006   12-inch, A Library

“Six Nine” is Carl Craig, who was born in 1969. Sound on Sound has been described as “Carl Craig’s timeless masterpiece of sonic grooves”. In ‘Rushed’ Craig samples the synth intro of the new wave jam “Hypnotic Tango” and pairs it up with backwards percussion. “Sub Seducer” has a wonderful distorted wash of sound. “Sound on Sound” is beatless, angular synth sounds. “Poi Et Pas” (my personal favorite) is a reference to “Peut Etre Pas”. Don’t miss – it’s a classic. AArbor

Beatfanatic – “Adventures in the Land of No-F ” – [Raw Fusion]

aarbor   3/29/2006   12-inch, A Library

Beatfanatic is from Stockholm but you’d never know it by listening to this record. This is his 1st and from what I hear the 2nd is also great. This one is funky, jazzy, hip hoppy and Brazilian sounding and way fun. His inspiration includes King Tubby, Carl Craig, Sugarhill Records, and Aretha among others. From track to track you never know what you’ll hear and that’s the best part. AArbor

Bollywood:An Anthology [coll] – [Silva Screen Records Ltd.]

aarbor   3/29/2006   CD, International

Two CD set jam packed with songs from Classic and Modern Bollywood films. The 1st CD (Bollywood Classics) starts off with an outstanding Geeta Dutt track followed by tracks from Asha Bhosle, her sister Lata Mangeshkar and the 2 best known male singers: Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi. The 2nd CD (Bollywood Contemporary) is even more interesting and well, contemporary! pick your favorite and play! AArbor

Jacobs, Henry – “Wide Weird World of Henry Jaco ” – [Important Records]

aarbor   3/29/2006   A Library, CD

I listened to the entire recording before I read the liner notes, which was a huge mistake that I urge you not to make!!! How this album came to be and what it is: An acquaintance of Jack Dangers found a large collection of tapes and records beneath the house he’d just purchased in Mill Valley. Jack listened to them and realized that they were the work of Henry Jacobs. He cleaned them up and returned them to Jacobs. This is a subset of Henry Jacobs legacy from his years of radio shows on KPFA and elsewhere. Who is Henry Jacobs? Henry had a long + illustrious career in Radio + TV. He collaborated with an impressive crew of people. His signature sound on KPFA was a blend of ethnic music and jazz with tape experimentation + mock interviews. He morphed ethnic music with looping rhythms over 50 years ago. He also did the first surround sound + light shows (Vortex Sound + Light Experiments) in 1957. Hysterically funny! AArbor

Quantic – “1 Off’s Remixes + B Si ” – [Tru Thoughts]

aarbor   3/29/2006   12-inch, A Library

Will Holland is Quantic – we’ve added other releases of his. Here he’s remixing Ghana Soundz (the Ogyatanaa Show Band), DJ Angola (“Bailalao”) and Rosie Brown (“Bliss”). Others like Fink and Pain’ remix his work (“Blackstone Rock and Not So Blue”) respectively. Diverse raw material to work with and very fine remixes. Don’t miss. AArbor

Arora2C Kush – 22Bhang Ragga3ADanchall Bhangra I 22 – 5BKush Arora Productions5D

aarbor   3/29/2006   A Library, CD

Kush Arora’s 2nd release. It fuses ragga toasting, Indian elements, beats and lots of passionate attitude. There’s a more deliberate sense of anarchy here in the music and in the track titles: Sex + Violence, Anarchy, Assassination Attempt? The vocals are by N4SA, Sukh, Mr. Frank, and the musicians are from India, San Francisco, and Jamaica. Burnt warped bhangra and dancehall in a dark dub style. AArbor

Galaxian – “House of Wax ” – [Tru Thoughts]

aarbor   3/29/2006   12-inch, A Library

Galaxian is Phil Williams of Essex (UK) who plays drums, keys and bass but here is trying his hand at producing. ‘House Of Wax’ incorporates a soulful guitar and percussion based groove, mashed up with some reggae toasting. ‘Herb’ has high pitched keys and a dub style bassline alongside the Wurlitzer. ‘Telepathy’ takes the tempo up a notch with some swirling strings and a catchy vocal hook. ‘Who Are You’ has some fat beats alongside a rolling groove; ‘Fresh’ has a little movie soundtrack vibe alongside the piano and steel guitar hooks, and, ‘Elevator’ incorporates some monk-like singing. Each track has it’s own vibe and all are worthy. AArbor

Bamboos, the – “Step It Up ” – [Tru Thoughts]

aarbor   3/29/2006   A Library, CD

The Bamboos are from Australia their sound is breaks-driven funk, it’s funk for the 21st century with occasional covers. Track 2 covers “Tighten Up” most admirably but their own material is capturing the respect of DJs all over the world. Tracks 1+ 6 have vocals. I also liked tracks 5,7, and 9 each has a personality of its own, yet their sound is cohesive. AArbor

DJ Cam Revisited [Inflammable]

aarbor   3/29/2006   A Library, CD

Classic DJ Cam tracks “revisited” by a variety of well-known artists including: Thievery Corporation, DJ Vadim, Kid Loco, DJ Premier, Four hero, Attica Blues. It’s a mixed bag and many reviewers really panned this release. I was surprised by the tracks I liked: 6 (DJ Vadim),8 (Bob Sinclair), 12 (4 Hero) + 13 (Flytronix). Pick your own favorites and enjoy there’s fine variety here.
Language: 5, 8, 10